Senior Centres

Why is it right for our Senior Centre?

FloorCurl is perfect for senior centres as it promotes flexibility, increased range of motion, and circulation.

Pusher sticks allow seniors to easily deliver the FloorCurl stones without bending to floor level.

FloorCurl equipment is lightweight and can be set up within minutes. Storage space requirements are minimal and the playing area can be modified to fit whatever space is available at your centre.

Floor curling leagues are popping up in senior centres everywhere – are your members FloorCurling yet?

The Guiness World Record holder for oldest living curling player, 99-year-old Ralph Vaccaro from the Cape Cod Curling Club, knows FloorCurl’s benefits for seniors first hand. A minor stroke sidelined Ralph from the ice but he wasn’t ready to stop curling. Ralph was provided a FloorCurl kit to aid with his rehabilitation and to use as part of his physical therapy. His wife Martha had this to say about her husband’s recovery with FloorCurl:

“Ralph is doing very well. His OT [Occupational Therapist] likes the curling set. His balance has improved. In fact I think it is better than it was before he had the stroke”