Community Engagement Ideas

Whether you are a curling club looking to attract members, a community center searching for new programming, or a business owner looking for new ways to engage your community, FloorCurl gives you the opportunity to host unique events and activities.

Attract New Members to your Curling Club

FloorCurl lets you share curling with your community with no ice needed. FloorCurl equipment allows you to showcase the sport and teach the fundamentals of the game at community outreach events. Your curling club can even purchase equipment for a local school to help grow your youth program!

Recreation Center Programs

Cities and recreation centers love FloorCurl because it’s fun for audiences of all ages and abilities. From children to seniors and everyone in between, groups love facing off in friendly and competitive FloorCurl matches. FloorCurl makes a great addition to recreation center programming and is perfect for leagues and special tournaments. With successful programs running in YMCAs and community recreation centers around the world, contact us to learn how you can develop a program specifically for your center.

Interactive Marketing Activities

FloorCurl is a fun and accessible way to interact with your community. FloorCurl equipment draws in a crowd and excites audiences of all ages and abilities. With customization and branding options available with the Custom Full Rink Mat, FloorCurl is also a powerful marketing tool.

Enjoy FloorCurl While Physically Distancing!

FloorCurl can be played 1-vs-1 or 2-vs-2 to allow for physical distancing between players. Pusher sticks increase the accessibility of the game and help ensure there is no cross-contamination between players’ equipment.

Learn more about FloorCurl as a physical or social distancing activity.

  • Orlando Curling Club
    This thing is a game-changer for spreading the curling gospel!! 100% recommend for other clubs looking to increase engagement at community events. We’ve already seen a spike in attendance at follow up learn to curl events!!
    Orlando Curling Club