Your audience is searching for new ways to interact with their community while yearning for new experiences. FloorCurl is a crowd-favorite activation, bringing together people of all ages and abilities to enjoy curling without the need for ice.

Curling is one of the fastest-growing Olympic sports and it draws in fans from all backgrounds. FloorCurl allows you to take advantage of all the hype by providing a unique way to enjoy this fan-favorite sport. With several available options, our equipment can pop up anywhere, at a festival, a community event, or as part of a long-term community program.

FloorCurl is also an accessible way to interact with your community as the equipment draws in a crowd and excites audiences of all ages and abilities. With customization and branding options available with the Custom Full Rink Mat, FloorCurl is also a powerful marketing tool.

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Enjoy FloorCurl While Physically Distancing!

FloorCurl can be played 1-vs-1 or 2-vs-2 to allow for physical distancing between players. Pusher sticks increase the accessibility of the game and help ensure there is no cross-contamination between players’ equipment.

Learn more about FloorCurl as a physical or social distancing activity.

  • City of Toronto
    The City of Toronto's Parks Forestry and Recreation Division has had the pleasure of working with the FloorCurl team and use their products and services. Their FloorCurl systems have been taken around the City of Toronto through our Play Mobile program, giving the experience of curling to hundreds of participants across the city. Their programming guides have also been extremely helpful in educating both our staff and participants on the intricacies of the game while making it fun and interactive the entire way through.
    City of Toronto