Senior Centres

Why is FloorCurl right for your Senior Centre?

FloorCurl is perfect for senior centres as it promotes flexibility, increased range of motion, and circulation.

Pusher sticks allow seniors to easily deliver the FloorCurl stones without bending to floor level.

FloorCurl equipment is lightweight and can be set up within minutes. Storage space requirements are minimal and the playing area can be modified to fit whatever space is available at your centre.

Floor curling leagues are popping up in senior centres everywhere – are your members FloorCurling yet?

Enjoy FloorCurl While Physically Distancing!

FloorCurl equipment can be played 1-vs-1 or 2-vs-2 to allow for physical distancing between players. Pusher sticks increase the accessibility of the game and helps ensure there is no cross-contamination between players’ equipment. FloorCurl allows residents to experience friendly activities together while physically distancing.

Learn more about FloorCurl as a physical or social distancing activity.